Qualified shareholders

In the course of a public offer, shareholders who hold at least three percent of the voting rights of the offeree company (qualified shareholders) have specific rights and obligations during the period of the offer.

Qualified shareholders may become a party in an administrative legal procedure before the Takeover Board. They may file an objection or an appeal against the decisions of the Takeover Board. >>> more information here

From the date of the publication of an offer (pre-announcement or offer prospectus) until the end of the additional acceptance period, qualified shareholders have the obligation to report all transactions in the equity securities and in related equity derivatives of the offeree company or the company whose securities are being offered in exchange. This obligation does not apply to buyback programs. >>> more information here

Below you can find a list of current offeree companies, which can also be found at >>> xmlfeed


Lalique Group AG (2024)

Offeror: Silvio Denz, von Münchwilen AG, in Hergiswil NW

Voluntary offer
Offer initially friendly
Cash offer