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Adaptation of the Circular no. 3 of the Takeover Board

The Swiss Takeover Board has adapted its TOB Circular no. 3: Review of public takeover offers on 1 January 2017 to the revised Swiss Examination Standards 880 for the Examination of Public Takeover Offers. The changes are minor and concern only the dates in margin no. 2 of the TOB Circular no. 3.


Pax Anlage AG

The Swiss Takeover Board has determined that the pre-announcement of the public takeover offer of Basler Leben AG to the shareholders of Pax Anlage AG is in compliance with the legal provisions governing public takeover offers.


Alpine Select AG

The Swiss Takeover Board has exempted the public buyback program of Alpine Select Ltd from the provisions governing public takeover offers via a decision.


Vontobel Holding AG

The Takeover Board has acknowledged that the transfer of the existing shareholders pool of Vontobel Holding AG into the successor pools does not trigger an obligation to make a public takeover offer for Vontobel Foundation, Pellegrinus Holding AG, Vontrust AG, Advontes AG in its founding, including their controlling persons, and for Kathrin Kobel-Vontobel concerning Vontobel Holding AG.



gategroup Holding AG

The Swiss Takeover Board has accepted an extension of the postponement of the settlement of the offer until
31 December 2016.



The Swiss Takeover Board has stated that the opting out introduced in the articles of association of ACRON HELVETIA VII Immobilien AG on 15 November 2016 is valid in respect of the takeover law. Based on that, the Swiss Takeover Board has dismissed a request concerning the granting of an exception to the duty to make an offer according to Article 41 paragraph 2 letter c FMIO-FINMA.

The Swiss Takeover Board (TOB) is a Federal Commission established under the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading of March 24, 1995. The Takeover Board shall, in each case, ensure compliance with the rules applicable to public offers.